• Bronze medal for Augeo Chardonnay Barrel from Vienna

    Now all of Augeo Family Estate’s wines are medalists! After the successes of Augeo Melnik in China and England, Augeo Rose and Augeo Sauvignon Blanc in China, and Augeo Exquisite Rose in Canada, now Augeo Chardonnay Barrel added a distinction to its collection of awards.

    Seal of Approval – bronze medal for Augeo Family Estate Chardonnay Barrel 2016 at AWC International Wine Challenge in Vienna. This year the participants reached a record – 12 402 wines from 1716 producers from 39 countries competed for the awards. Augeo Chardonnay needed between 84 and 86.9 points to win. The competition, which takes place in Vienna in the last 15 years, is setting the benchmark for the most renowned wine tasting competitions in the world. If a wine wins a medal, it means that it is of really high quality. AWC is the largest officially recognized wine competition in the world.

    This medal brought a lot of pride and happiness for the team that creates Augeo Family Estate’s exquisite Bulgarian wines.

  • Augeo Family Estate with two medals at CWSA 2018

    Two of the Augeo Family Estate wines won medals at China Wine and Spirits Awards ‎‎2018. Augeo Rose 2017 won a gold medal and Augeo Sauvignon Blanc 2017 conquered a silver medal. The wines of Augeo Family Estate are the only Bulgarian ones to win medals in this year’s edition.

    “It is an enormous joy and pride for us to receive another international reward, and it helps us to show the world that in Bulgaria we make amazing wine at a high level,” said Gergana Manolova, Marketing Director and a partner in the firm Exquisite Wines.

    The gold medalist Augeo Family Estate Rose 2017 is a blend between the typical Bulgarian grape variety Shiroka Melnishka with Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. The wine is fresh with fruity and flower aromas and has medium body. The silver medal winner Augeo Family Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2017 is tenderly and fresh wine has pale yellow color made in European style.

    The competition was challenging with over 5 thousand wines participating from all over the world. Over 100 wine experts from China were jury members at the competition. They had a blind tasting using the 100 points system in order to rank the wines in the prestigious competition that took place earlier in August in Hong Kong.

    The Augeo Family Estate wines are medalists from wine challenges in three continents. Earlier this year Augeo Family Estate Melnik 55 2016 added a double gold medal again from China to its medal from England from November last year, and Augeo Family Estate Exquisite Rose 2017 won gold in Canada.

    China is a wine market that continues to grow exponentially and the interest for importing European wine is increasing each year. China is set to become the second largest ‎in the world by 2020‎ in terms of wine consumption, overtaking traditional markets like the UK and France. The import of wine from all over the world is worth 21 billions of dollars each year.

  • New Red Wines by Augeo

    In September Augeo Family Estate will reveal four new red wines. A few days ago we bottled Augeo Ruen 2017, and today we are finalizing the bottling of the new vintage of Augeo Melnik 55 2017. In the following weeks we will finish the preparation and the bottling of Augeo Mavrud Reserve 2016 and Augeo Merlot Reserve 2016. We cannot wait until you taste them!

  • Gold Medal for Augeo Family Estate Exquisite Rose in Canada

    Augeo Family Estate Exquisite Rose 2017 was competing with wines from some of the most famous ‎wineries in the world in the largest international wine challenge in North America Sélections ‎Mondiales des Vins Canada and with its high marks won a gold medal in this year’s 25th edition of ‎the competition. It is the only Bulgarian rose to receive a recognition in Canada this year.

    “Our joy from the well-deserved international recognition is indescribable,” shared Gergana ‎Manolova, Marketing Director and partner in the firm Exquisite Wines. “Two months after those ‎who appreciate Bulgarian wine in the local market tasted Augeo Family Estate Exquisite Rose 2017, ‎it received this prestigious award in such a competitive challenge,” she added.‎

    Over 1770 wines from 446 producers from 31 countries were tasted in this year’s edition of the ‎challenge with quarter of a century history. In the week between 24th and 28th of May in Quebec ‎the international jury of the competition, which included over 60 wine experts from 15 countries, ‎choose the winners after a blind tasting of each participating wine. Only the ones with the highest ‎marks received medals, one of which was Augeo Family Estate Exquisite Rose 2017.

    This success for Bulgarian wine proves again that high quality wines from our country are ‎recognized in international wine competitions.‎

    Canada is a large importer of wine from all over the world with increasing interest towards ‎European wines. Only in 2016, Canada imported 500 million liters of wine from all over the world, ‎making it one of the most important world markets for wine.

  • Augeo in 375 ml

    Exclusively at The View Restaurant three of the wines of Augeo Family Estate could be found in the wine list in new, small bottles of 375 ml.

    Augeo Sauvignon Blanc, Augeo Chardonnay Barrel and Augeo Exquisite Rose could be tasted in the mini format and limited series.


  • Wines from the New Vintage of Augeo Family Estate Participate in International Wine Competitions

    Soon after the wines of Augeo Family Estate – Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay Barrel, Rose and Exquisite Rose debuted in front of the Bulgarian audience in The View Restaurant Sofia, they were sent to participate several international wine competitions. The four wines left for different destinations in Asia, America and Europe with the hope to follow in the footsteps of their predecessor Augeo Family Estate Melnik 55 2016 that won two medals already and is expecting the results from more competitions later this year.

    We can only hope that Bulgarian wines will be accepted well abroad as they are at home. The results from the competitions are expected later this summer. Follow the webpage and Augeo Family Estate’s Facebook page for the latest information.

  • Coming Soon – White Wines and Roses Augeo

    In 2018 Augeo Family Estate’s portfolio will be extended with six new wines. In late March 2018  two white wines and two roses Augeo Family Estate will make their debut.

    Augeo Family Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2017 will be for those who like fresh white wines with character. Augeo Family Estate Chardonnay Barrel 2016 follows the trends of making Chardonnay as its aromas and tastes are complex and with a hint of oak, but the oak does not dominate the palate at all.

    Augeo Family Estate Rose 2017 is a wine with fruity aromas and tastes from the Bulgarian grape variety Shiroka Melnishka. It will be the favorite drink by the glass at The View Restaurant in the summer and will take you to the coast of the French Riviera because of its Provencal style. Augeo Family Estate Exquisite Rose made with Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 is for those who like exquisite roses.

    In the Fall the successor of the award-winning wine Augeo Family Estate Melnik 55 from the new vintage, 2017 will be released, along with Augeo Family Estate Ruen 2017, another wine for those who enjoy drinking wines from typical Bulgarian varieries.

    Expect them soon!

  • Double Gold medal for AUGEO from CWSA China 2018

    Augeo Melnik Family Estate 55 won the most prestigious award possible from the wine competition China Wine and Spirits Awards CWSA Best Value! It is the only Bulgarian wine to win a double gold medal from this year’s edition. This medal is the ultimate seal of approval in the booming Chinese drinks market.

    CWSA is the biggest and most prestigious wine challenge in China. Traditionally the best wines from over 55 countries participate in it. This year over 5 000 wines participated, which was record-braking. On a blind tasting over 100 jury members from all over the world give their marks for the quality of the wine.

    This huge success is yet another proof that Bulgarian wines are highly awarded at international competitions.