• Augeo Family Estate at Wine Festival

    On February 2nd and 3rd, between 13:00 and 19:00 o’clock in Bulgaria Mall level 0, you are welcome to the Wine Festival to taste the wines of Augeo Family Estate for free.

    Taste the awarded wines Augeo Sauvignon Blanc 2017, with a silver medal and and Augeo Rose 2017 with a gold medal at CWSA China 2018, as well as the typical Bulgarian red wine varieties Augeo Ruen 2017 and Augeo Melnik 55 2017, awarded at IWC England.

    You will have the chance to also buy bottles for home at special prices. The event is organized just before the upcoming traditional Bulgarian holiday Trifon Zarezan, favorite to the lovers of quality Bulgarian wine.

    Visit our stall, we will be expecting you!

  • Balaban tastes Augeo

    On January 17th in Balaban Wine you couldd taste four red wines by Augeo Family Estate – Augeo Ruen 2017, Augeo Melnik 55 2017, Augeo Red Blend Reserve 2015 and Augeo Mavrud Reserve 2016. You are welcome!

  • Augeo Family Estate on Trifon Zarezan Day 2019

    Save the date! Between February 14th and 17th 2019, the wineries in the Melnik region are opening their doors to visitors. In the event, that is traditional for the region, Augeo Family Estate will participate for the first time. The program includes pruning of the vines, music, wine tastings and tasting of traditional dishes of the region. For more details check the website and the Facebook page soon!

  • Debut for Augeo Family Estate’s Bio Wines

    In the days before the holidays, Augeo Family Estate presented their new bio series of red wines. Augeo Family Estate Red Blend Reserve 2015 is a blend between 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 35% Merlot and 15% Melnik 55, has color with medium intensity and has rich aroma associations. Augeo Family Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2015 was aged for 12 months in French 225 liter oak barrels. Augeo Family Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 has velvety finish, complemented with a spicy notes that correspond with the aromas of dried plums and forest herbs. Augeo Family Estate Syrah & Merlot 2016 is a bio wine with limited series of 1868 bottles.

    The grapes were grown biologically in the villages of Kapatovo and Kromidovo, near Melnik in the Struma Valley in vineyards at a little over 200 meters above sea level, and were picked by hand.

    The new bio series could be discovered in the specialized shops and restaurants that we work with. More information about where they are could be found in the Contacts section of our website.
    Enjoy our bio wines while you are surrounded of your closest people during the holidays!

  • Augeo Family Estate’s wines with awards in IWC 2019‎

    Two of Augeo Family Estate’s wines won medals at International Wine Challenge ‎‎2019  in England. Augeo Family Estate’s Melnik 55 2017 received 86 points and won a bronze medal and Augeo Family Estate Ruen 2017 is a ‎Commended Winner.


    ‎“We have another reason to be proud of our red wines as Augeo Family Estate’s wines from traditional red varieties Melnik 55 and Ruen from vintage 2017 were the only red Bulgarian wines awarded at IWC 2019 in England”, said Gergana Manolova, Marketing Director and a partner in the firm Exquisite Wines.


    The jurying of International Wine Challenge 2019 took place between November 12th and 16th ‎2018 in South London. Over  200 experts in wine from 23 countries gave their marks after a blind tasting.


    The bronze medalist Augeo Family Estate Melnik 55 2017 has intensive color with cherry nuance. Intensive aroma that combines dark cherries, ripe forest fruits, dry tobacco leaves and almond nuts. The taste is soft from the start until the long finish. It has harmonic taste, with accents from fruit stones, dark cherries, dry forest grass and a hint of dark chocolate. Augeo Melnik 55 2017 is aged in Bulgarian oak barrels for 9 months, giving it notes of toast and tobacco, signaling its maturity and development.


    The Commended Winner Augeo Family Estate Ruen 2017 has deep purple color with a fresh fruity aroma. The intensity is pronounced, as aromas of red and black forest fruits, floral notes, raisins and other dried fruits, as well as forest herb aromas could be discovered. The wine was aged in French oak barrels for 7 months, which gives light oak nuances of the taste. The body is full with medium tannins and a long nice finish.


    Augeo Family Estate’s wines are winners from wine competitions on three continents. Earlier this year, Augeo Family Estate Melnik 55 2016 won a Double Gold medal in China, Augeo Family Estate Rose 2017 conquered gold in China too and Augeo Family Estate Exquisite Rose 2017 received a gold medal in Canada. Augeo Family Estate’s white wines are also medalists from competitions in Asia and Europe.

  • Wine tasting of Augeo Family Estate in Vino Orenda Wine Shop

    In November Augeo Family Estate’s wines took part in the wine tasting held at Vino Orenda – wine shop specialized in Bulgarian wines. At the first wine tasting named Shiroka Melnishka Family, on the spot light was the unique grape variety Shiroka Melnishka Vine and its derivatives, all growing at the Struma Valley. The wines were mainly from grape varieties like Melnik 55, Ruen and Melnik 1300 made by various wineries from the region, including Augeo Family Estate Ruen 2017.

    At the one of the last wine tasting of the year under the impressive name Tsar Mavrud, the wine lovers had a blind tasting of wines from Mavrud grape variety, produced by various wineries under different technologies, Augeo Family Estate Mavrud Reserve 2016 was one of the guests’ favourite.

    In December the shop is paying special attention to local traditional varieties, so you can find Augeo Family Estate Ruen 2017 included in the special holiday offer with a Christmas discount.


  • Successful participation of Augeo Family Estate at DiVino.Taste

    Seven of Augeo Family Estate wines were presented at our stand during DiVino.Taste. The specialized wine exhibition took place between the 23rd and 25th of November in Inter Expo Center. It got the attention of thousands lovers of good Bulgarian wine.

    At stand 54 the visitors could see our numerous awards for medals won from international contests and could taste our awarded wines – Augeo Sauvignon Blanc 2017, Augeo Chardonnay Barrel 2016, Augeo Rose 2017, Augeo Exquisite Rose 2017, as well as our new red wines Augeo Melnik 55 2017, Augeo Ruen 2017 and Augeo Merlo Reserve 2016.

    At a special place named Fine Wine Corner, Augeo Family Estate Melnik 55 2016 was among the highest rated Bulgarian wines and was attested against special tasting card.

    All Augeo exhibited wines were sold at special prices at Casavino shop located at the exhibition area.

    The final result from DiVino – 102 bottles were tasted, hundreds of wine lovers visited our stand and Augeo Family Estate wines got thousands of new fans.

  • Augeo Family Estate at DiVino Taste 2018

    Augeo Family Estate will participate for the first time at DiVino Taste 2018 with our own stall. The event will take place between November 23rd and 25th in room 5 of Inter Expo Center.

    During the event, the visitors will be able to taste seven of Augeo’s wines. Both white wines in our portfolio – Augeo Sauvignon Blanc 2017 and Augeo Chardonnay Barrel 2016, winners of silver medal in China and bronze medal in Vienna respectively, as well as both of our gold-medal winner roses – Augeo Rose 2017 in China and Augeo Exquisite Rose 2017 in Canada. From the red wines, Augeo Melnik 55 2017, Augeo Ruen 2017 and Augeo Merlot Reserve 2016 will be available for tasting.

    Visit our stall to find out more about our history, the meaning of our name and our future plans for development!

  • Augeo Family Estate at new locations in Sofia

    The wines of Augeo Family Estate could be found at more and more places around Sofia. The new specialized shops, wine bars and restaurants with special attitude towards wine added our high quality wines to their wine lists this autumn.

    The full range of Augeo wines could be tasted at The View restaurant and Tempus Vini Wine Point, a specialized wine shop. Enjoy Wine and Vino Orenda are shops with an amazing selection of wines, where Augeo’s wines from the local varieties Ruen, Melnik 55, Mavrud Reserve and Augeo Rose were recently added. Balaban Wine – a wine bar and shop in the central part of the capital, also choose red wines from local varieties. Sauvignon Blanc, Exquisite Rose and Mavrud Reserve could be found at The Restaurant in Crystal Palace Boutique Hotel, and our whites and roses are available at Graphite Restaurant.

    Taste our wines in these fantastic places, whose owners support the producers of quality Bulgarian wine! In the week of 22 to 27 of October, Augeo Family Estate is the Winery of the Week at Vino Orenda, so hurry.

  • Debut for Augeo’s Red Wines

    The visitors of Tempus Vini Wine Point were the first ones to try the four red wines of Augeo Family Estate on October 10th.  They tasted Augeo Melnik 55 from two vintages – 2016 and 2017 and are now sure that the new wine is just as good as the double gold winner from CWSA China Augeo Melnik 55 2016.

    In full attendance that made part of the guests more upstairs on the second floor of the specialized shop, the visitors heard Augeo’s story, familiarized themselves about the meaning of the name and found out more about our future plans. Follow us on Augeo’s Facebook page for the most recent information about where you could taste our wines next.