• Successful end of the grapes-picking for Augeo

    The mirror date 10.10.2020 marked the end of the grapes-picking of the typical variety shiroka melnishka loza from Augeo Family Estate’s own vineyards in Vranya village, planted in 1955. Traditionally, three generations of the family of producers joined.

    The team picked for hours the large and thick grapes, which will turn into red wine from shiroka melnishka loza. The grape variety was named after the broad leaves of its vine and after ‎the region where the grapes grow – Melnik. The grape variety is unique and cannot be found anywhere else around the world.

    The year 2020 was difficult not only because of the pandemic situation, but due to the often rainfall during the summer season, which is not typical for the region. Despite all, the quality of the grapes is high and we expect the wine to become excellent, with potential to win medals at international competitions.

    The wine from last year’s vintage has been in months in oak barrels and will be bottled in October to be launched on the market later this year.