• Augeo Family Estate and over 200 people celebrated the wine holiday

    February and Trifon Zarezan did not reach an agreement to have good weather and on the festive day it rained heavily. Because of that, there was a change in the originally planned location – Augeo Family Estate’s vineyards. At 10 AM Augeo’s team was ready to welcome the first guests at the central square of Vranya village. There was everything needed for the holiday – open bottles of all of Augeo’s wines, tasty food and music.

    Responsible for the good mood were Folklore Dance Theater Nayden Kirov from Ruse and another orchestra of local performers. Guests and locals danced “horo”, national folk dances.

    In addition to the originally planned vertical tasting of three vintages of Augeo Melnik 55 and two of Augeo Ruen, the visitors tasted the newest wine of Augeo, the not yet bottled red Augeo Family Estate Shiroka Melnishka Loza 2019 (Broad-leaved Melnik variety).

    The day did not pass without the ritual of pruning. Priest Angel from Vranya wished for a good vintage and the guests pruned a few vines from Shiroka Melnishka Loza close to the center of the village.

    The celebration of Trifon Zarezan this year took place during event Melnik Wineries Open Doors 2020, organized by Melnik Wine Routes. More photos of the event are available on social media https://www.facebook.com/AugeoFamilyEstate/ and https://www.instagram.com/augeofamilyestate/