The Family

The Manolovi family is connected with wine for over five generations. When Stoyan started working in the winemaking industry in 1897, it is doubtful that he could imagine that his successors would continue the tradition in winemaking for generations. The craftsmanship of winemaking was passed down from one generation to the next. Grandfather Georgi comes from a family of farmers, and his name means agrarian, with roots coming from the Greek words of geo (land), and ergo (work). His wife of over 56 years Maria, also has relatives, who produced wine for their family and friends for years. Georgi’s son Stoyan, was named after his grandfather who was the first winemaker in the family. For over 25 years Stoyan is competing with his father. They split the harvested grapes in half each year and each of them makes wine in their own way. After the wine is ready, they meet to taste and compare it. When in 2015 Georgi admitted that his son’s wine was better, Stoyan received the highest possible appraisal – from his father. That is when he decided that he needs to share his exquisite wine with the world. This is when the dream of owning a winery and a wine brand was born. His daughter Gergana, wine enthusiast and marketing specialist, started developing it. That is exactly 120 years after her great-great-grandfather Stoyan first started producing wine.

Augeo Family Estate

Our Timeline



The dream for an own wine brand is born




A good year for grape-growing. Our first wine Augeo Melnik 55 is in the process of making.




Augeo Melnik 55 2016 is being sold exclusively at The View Restaurant Sofia. The wine won its first international award from IWC England




Augeo Melnik 2016 wins a double gold medal from CWSA China, and in April Augeo Sauvignon Blanc, Augeo Chardonnay, Augeo Rose and Augeo Exquisite Rose are added to the portfolio.




Augeo Family Estate Exquisite Rose 2017 won a Gold medal on Sélections Mondiales des Vins Canada in June


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