After several intensive days of grapes-picking from the middle until the end of September, the grapes from the own vineyards of Augeo Family Estate were collected successfully by three generations of grape-pickers.The weather this year was more rainy than usual, and in August the temperatures rose to 35 degrees Celsius. Because of that, the grapes-picking started about a week earlier than usual. We began with the grapes of the typical Bulgarian grape variety Melnik 55, which only grows in the Melnik region. We continued with the variety Shiroka Melnishka, which is called like that because of its broad leaves and the region it grows in. Lastly, we collected the variety Ruen. The grapes has high quality and are now in the process of turning into our wine from the vintage 2018. In a few months’ time with patience you could try the future Augeo Rose in the spring of next year and the red wines from Melnik 55 and Ruen – in the autumn.