“Vinen Nabludatel” (Wine Watcher) wrote about the premier of Augeo Family Estate Shiroka Melnishka Loza and Merlot in their latest edition on  19.01.2022

DiVino gave 87 points to Augeo Family Estate Shiroka Melnishka Loza and Merlot 2019. They wrote about the wine, that it has “alive ruby color. The nose is dominated by small fruit and cholocate. The body is light and fresh, with medium finish”



Augeo Family Estate Melnik 55 2018, gold medalist at The Balkans International Wine Competition, is part of the digital catalogue with awarded wines.




Divino Top 50 best Bulgarian wines of 2020



Augeo Family Estate Melnik 55 2018



Augeo Family Estate Ruen 2018



Mavrud Reserve 2016 – Augeo Family Estate



Melnik 55 2016 – Augeo Family Estate



Rose 2018 – Augeo Family Estate



Melnik 55 – 2018 Augeo Family Estate



Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Organic Wine 2015 – Augeo Family Estate



Drink a glass of wine with friends for Easter



The unprecedented situation, that became our reality due to the threat of CoVid-19, it will seriously affect the wine sector as well as the Bulgarian business.



We are honored that our Augeo Family Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2015 to be part of the prestigious list DiVino Top 10 of wines from limited series.



The Choice of Blagoy Kuzmanski: 10 Bulgarian wines – among them is Augeo Family Estate Ruen 2017



Two of Augeo family Estate wines, gold medalists at The Balkans International Wine Competition, are part of the digital catalogue with awarded wines


Winebg.info: Intensive dark ruby color with violet shades. The nose is attractive with notes of mocha, ripe and sweet cherries, red pepper



The month of wine – where to celebrate Trifon Zarezan? In Melnik and the region



At Melnik Wineries Open Doors Day, Augeo Family Estate, Vranya Village, there will be folklore program with Folkole Dance Theater “Nayden Kirov” from Ruse



winebg.info: “A wonderful wine from Augeo Family Estate, it would be a miss if you don’t taste it”



The high 89 points received Augeo Family Estate Red Blend Reserve 2015 at DiVino’s tasting. Their rating of the wine could be discovered on their website:



DiVino rated Augeo Family Estate Syrah & Merlot 2016 with 86 points. The potential for aging is until 2023.



With 90 points DiVino rated Augeo Family Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2015. It has a rich garnet red color. Attractive nose with mocha, milk chocolate with vanilla, ripe raspberries and black olives. Ripe body with fine, granular tannins and an elegant finish.



Augeo Family Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 received 87 points at the DiVino November tasting.



winebg.info: For the fourth year in a row, the wineries around Melnik are opening their doors in honor of the ‎Day of St. Trifon Zarezan – a celebration of vine-growing and wine-making. Augeo Family Estate is one of the participating wineries in 2020‎



winebg.info: Intense purple color with violet nuances. Rich nose with aromas of cocoa, plum jam, blueberries and vanilla. Medium to full body, elegant and harmonic wine with an impressive smokydry finish



From the beginning of 2019, seven of Augeo Family Estate’s wines won medals from international competitions. The wines of Augeo Family Estate could be discovered at the specialized shops, wine bars and selected restaurants with a special attitude towards wine.


winebg.info: With their Cabernet Sauvignon, Augeo Family Estate show style, refinement and finesse https://winebg.info/cabernet-sauvignon-2017-organic-wine-augeo-family-estate/


Augeo Family Estate Ruen 2017 received 90 points from sommelier.bg and has elegant and delicate nose with aromas of blueberry jam, ripe cherries, cocoa and smoke. The finish is rich, long, and dominated by cherries. https://sommelier.bg/bg/component/k2/item/1506-%D1%80%D1%83%D0


Augeo Family Estate Melnik 55 2017 has an intense noce of red fruits, a sweet spiceyness, smoke and tobacco. Beef would be a good combination according to според sommelier.bg, who gives 88 points to this wine.  https://sommelier.bg/bg/component/k2/item/1507-%D0%BC%D0%B5%D0


Augeo Family Estate Merlot Reserve 2016 has a complex nose with baked plums, graphite and tobacco. Full and powerful body with soft tannins and a taste, dominated by plums and red fruits. It received 88 points from sommelier.bg  https://sommelier.bg/bg/component/k2/item/1508-%D0%BC%D0%B5%D1


Augeo Family Estate Chardonnay Barrel received 88 points from Sommelier.bg Intense noce with citrus, quince, butter and roasted nuts. Medium body with fruity freshness and tastes of citrus and butter. https://sommelier.bg/bg/component/k2/item/1505-%D1%88%D0%B0


Augeo Family Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 received 89 points from Sommelier.bg Complex nose with cherry, licorice, tobacco and cedar. Full body with a nice fruity freshness, soft tannins and ripe black currant  https://sommelier.bg/bg/component/k2/item/1509-каберне-совиньон-2017-аугео-фемили-естейт?…


Augeo Rosé 2018 reveals playful aromas of dried strawberry and raspberry. Light, fresh and elegant body with tastes of strawberry and red peach.



Augeo Family Estate Melnik 55 2017 has a medium intensity in the ruby color with violet shades. The nose is dominated by black forest fruits, juicy cherries, baked plums, herbs and tobacco. A fine body with good fruity crispness and a nice finish with memories of vanilla and smoke.



Augeo Family Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2017 has a delicate nose, medium intensity, with aromas of tropical fruits, moss, candied lemon peel and freshly cut grass.



Wine info about Augeo Exquisite Rose

Elegant nose with forest fruit notes, dried white cherries, juicy peach and herbal accents.



Augeo Family Estate Chardonnay Barrel has a beautiful light golden-green color with gloss. It has delicate nose with notes of candied apple, dried apricots, vanilla, hay and fresh herbs.



Augeo Ruen has a beautiful ruby color with violet nuances. The nose is attractive and multilayered with a lot of dark forest fruits, black olive, chocolate and delicate earthy accents. Medium elegant body with softness, good structure and potential, with an excellent finish and length.



Аugeo Rose 2017 has clear color, delicately spicy nose with fruity notes and intense aromas of strawberry, ripe cherry and dried grass. Juicy, fresh, with medium body and a very nice delicate herby finish



Augeo’s wines are a reflection of their name as the meaning gives horizon and perspective for growth and simultaneously shows respect and honor to the ancestors and the land.



DiVino tasted and rated with 86 points the new vintage of Augeo Rosé 2018



56 Awards for Bulgarian Wines from Decanter World Wine Awards!



Decanter World Wine Awards 2019 – historical year for Bulgarian wines!



56 Awards for Bulgarian Wines from Decanter World Wine Awards!
Europe’s most influential European wine-media Decanter announced the results of the 16th edition of the Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA).



Bulgarian wines received a total of 45 medals from the unique travelling wine competition Concours Mondial de Bruxelles. Silver medal is given to wines that received an average score between 83.5 and 86.5 points out of 100 – Augeo Family Estate Red Blend Reserve 2015



Augeo Family Estate Merlot Resrve 2016 is among the Top 50 Bulgarian wines according to DiVino. Over 700 wines were tasted and our merlot is at number 44 with 88 points.


The awarded at Mundus Vini Augeo Family Estate Merlot Resrve 2016 has the opportunity to be ‎presented to trade visitors at the world’s largest trade fair for wines and spirits, ProWein in ‎Düsseldorf, from 17 to 19 March 2019.‎



Mundus Vini: 23 medals for Bulgarian wines in the spring tasting session



Augeo Merlot Reserve 2016 is a gold medalist from the prestigious German competition Mundus Vini



Augeo Family Estate offered wine tasting of the full spectre of their wines, including the newest bio-certified ones. Among them Augeo Red Blend Reserve 2015 made an impression with its long velvety finish. The wine tasting was paired with tasty dishes and the folklore music joined people from different nationalities dancing horo together



KaTa, Catalogue of the Bulgarian Wine with High Ratings of Augeo Family Estate’s Wines



Where to celebrate Trifon Zarezan? At the vineyards of Augeo Family Estate in the beautiful Vranya Village



Bulgaria is the only country in the world when 14 February is not only St Valentine’s Day. On that day we celebrate wine and its patron saint, St Trifon Zarezan. If you still have no plans, head to Bulgaria’s southwest. The Melnik region is the home of one of this nation’s best local wines, and for a third year in a row it will celebrate it with a fascinating festival.



Augeo Melnik 55 tasted at one of the top 3 wine bars

Which are the best wine bars? Those where you will find the wines of Augeo Family Estate, of course. The video begins with Balaban Wine where the hosts are tasting Augeo Melnik 55 2017.



The day  of the open-doors event of the wineries in Melnik region is coming soon. Visit the vineyards of Augeo Family Estate on February 16th!



February will be dedicated to wine. The wineries in Melnik region will open its doors to visitors:



The mission of the winemakers of Melnik region is to popularize the high quality wine from local and international grape varieties and the options for wine tourism in the region of Melnik



The Wineries in Melnik Region invite you to celebrate Trifon Zarezan Day 2019

Between February 14th and 17th 2019, the wineries in the Melnik region are opening their doors to visitors! Expect the traditional pruning of the vines, tours of the wineries, wine tastings and a focus on the local culture and folklore – the local wine and food. The mission of the winemakers of Melnik region is to popularize the high quality wine from local and international grape varieties and the options for wine tourism in the region of Melnik.



DiVino gave high scores five red wines by Augeo Family Estate

DiVino’s team tasted and rated Augeo Family Estate Ruen 2017, Augeo Merlot Reserve 2016 and Augeo Mavrud Reserve 2016 with 88 points. Augeo Family Estate Melnik 55 2016 and Augeo Family Estate Melnik 55 2017 received 87 points. You will find the tasting notes (in Bulgarian) here:



Bulgarian wines with awards in London



Two of Augeo Family Estate’s wines won medals at the International Wine Challenge 2019 in the UK. Augeo Family Estate’s Melnik 55 2017 received 86 points and won a bronze medal and Augeo Family Estate Ruen 2017 is a Commended Winner.



New awards for Bulgaria from IWC London

Augeo Family Estate Melnik 55 2017 came back with a bronze from the wine challenge. Wine in the category commended is from the same winery, but from the grape variety Ruen vintage 2017



„We are a few weeks away from the holidays, we recently launched our online shop on our website augeofamilyestate.bg where all of our wines are available for ordering both in Bulgaria and outside the country in case someone would like to send quality Bulgarian wine to their dear friends or family members abroad.“



Augeo Family Estate won two medals from the competition International Wine Challenge 2019 in England.

The only Bulgarian red wines with awards from this edition were Augeo Family Estate’s Melnik 55 2017 with 86 points and a bronze medal and Augeo Family Estate Ruen 2017 as Commended Winner



Augeo Family Estate is the Winery of the Week at Vino Orenda

Four of Augeo Family Estate’s wines could be found in Vino Orenda Wine Shop! Augeo Mavrud Reserve 2016, Augeo Melnik 55 2017, Augeo Ruen 2017 and the gold medalist from China Augeo Rose 2017 are expecting you there. In the days between 22 and 27 of October, Augeo Family Estate is the Winery of the week at Vino Orenda. Visit this lovely place and taste our wines! At the moment they are available at promo prices, that could be seen here: http://www.vinoorenda.com/p/blog-page_3.html


Augeo Family Estate at DiVino Taste 2018

Augeo Family Estate will participate at Divino Taste for the first time! Visit our stall between November 23 and 25 at Inter Expo Center, room 5. Our visitors will have the opportunity to taste seven wines from the brand’s portfolio, which are Augeo Family Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2017, Augeo Family Estate Chardonnay Barrel 2016, Augeo Family Estate Exquisite Rose 2017, Augeo Family Estate Rose 2017, Augeo Family Estate Melnik 55 2017, Augeo Family Estate Ruen 2017 and Augeo Family Estate Merlot Reserve 2016. Find out more about Augeo Family Estate’s participation at Divino Taste 2018 here: https://2018taste.divino.bg/izlozhiteli/augeo-2/


DiVino tasted four Augeo wines

DiVino’s team tasted and rated Augeo Family Estate Exquisite Rose 2017 with the most points, 87. Augeo Sauvignon Blanc, Augeo Chardonnay Barrel and Augeo Rose 2017 were also tasted and highly praised. You will find the tasting notes (in Bulgarian) here:




Gold and Silver medals for Bulgarian wines at China Wine and Spirits Awards 2018


Two wines by Augeo Family Estate won medals at China Wine and Spirits Awards 2018. Augeo’s wines are the only Bulgarian winners at this year’s wine competition.


Bulgarian wines among the winners at CWSA 2018


Augeo Family Estate won two medals from the wine challenge China Wine and Spirits Awards CWSA 2018 – gold and silver. Augeo Family Estate will be participating for the first time in Divino.Taste 2018, which will take place between November 23th and 25th at Inter Expo Center.


Gold medal for Bulgarian rosé from Canada


Augeo Family Estate Exquisite Rose 2017 has fantastic deep pink color and is a blend between two complementing grape varieties Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon.


Gold Medal for Augeo Family Estate Exquisite Rose in Canada



Gold medal for Bulgarian rosé from Canada

Over 1770 wines of 446 producers from 31 countries were tested this year in the competition with a quarter-century history. The highest rated wines received awards, among which was the Augeo Family Estate Exquisite Rose 2017.



Bulgarian Wine Augeo Family Estate with Double Gold Medal from CWSA China 2018



New Bulgarian Wine Brand Won a Medal from England’s International Wine Challenge 2018 …



Augeo Melnik 55 is sold exclusively at The View Restaurant Sofia since the end of October 2017. This medal is the ultimate seal of approval in the booming Chinese drinks market …



Bulgarian Wine with Double Gold Medal from CWSA China 2018 …



Wines from Bulgaria were recognized for yet another year at the prestigious competition, held in China every year – China Wine and Spirits Awards. Double gold medal for Augeo Family Estate Melnik 55 2016 …



The highest possible award – double gold medal – won Augeo Family Estate Melnik 55 2016. This is the first wine in Augeo Family Estate’s portfolio and won the medal four months after it appeared on the Bulgarian market …



Literally days ago Augeo Family Estate Melnik 55 won an international recognition – the Bulgarian wine won the highest possible award from the competition China Wine and Spirits Awards CWSA Best Value 2018. The wine competed against 5000 other international participants and was over 100 judges ‘blind tasted’ it to give their marks out of 100. Augeo was the only Bulgarian wine to receive a double gold medal from this year’s edition …



Wine from the unique Bulgarian grape variety Melnik 55 to be among the awarded wines with double gold medal only four months after it as released on the Bulgarian market is a fantastic achievement



CWSA is the largest and most prestigious wine competition in China. Traditionally the best wines from over 55 countries participate. This year a record number of entrants – 5000, participated. The judges conducted a ‘blind’ tasting to give their marks about the quality of the wine



The View’s special attitude towards wine is evident from the development of their wine brand Augeo Family Estate