In November Augeo Family Estate’s wines took part in the wine tasting held at Vino Orenda – wine shop specialized in Bulgarian wines. At the first wine tasting named Shiroka Melnishka Family, on the spot light was the unique grape variety Shiroka Melnishka Vine and its derivatives, all growing at the Struma Valley. The wines were mainly from grape varieties like Melnik 55, Ruen and Melnik 1300 made by various wineries from the region, including Augeo Family Estate Ruen 2017.

At the one of the last wine tasting of the year under the impressive name Tsar Mavrud, the wine lovers had a blind tasting of wines from Mavrud grape variety, produced by various wineries under different technologies, Augeo Family Estate Mavrud Reserve 2016 was one of the guests’ favourite.

In December the shop is paying special attention to local traditional varieties, so you can find Augeo Family Estate Ruen 2017 included in the special holiday offer with a Christmas discount.